About Us

We believe that children are naturally curious, and are eager to know more about their surroundings. It is their nature to learn. 

We believe that it is through exploration, self-discovery and experience that children best understand, learn and grow.

At Growing Seeds, we nurture our little ones through a creative environment, carefully designed to encourage them to express themselves.

Building a Life-Long Love of Learning Through Play

We help them grow the small voice inside them that is just waiting to be heard! Children know that it is A-OK to make mistakes, to fall, to cry, and to try new things as they explore the world around them through play-based activities, storytelling, music and art. 

We prepare fun and stimulating activities that encourage discovery and independence, interaction and friendship, in order to build a foundation for a life-long love of learning. 


Support Between the Home and the School

We believe that though the classroom plays a tremendous role in developing a child’s outlook to learning, this outlook is also formed within a family’s distinct values and culture. 

We would very much want you, and your community involved in your child’s education. This happens not only through feedback and communication from you, the parents, but also by us mutually sharing teaching tools and insights, for a fuller, more holistic experience of learning between the classroom and the home. 


Customized Individual Daily Lesson Plans

Our teachers are specially trained to facilitate our well-rounded curriculum that touches on all aspects of your child’s development–cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.  We also make sure that learning is tailor-fit to your child’s needs.  Our teachers understand each child’s learning style, and prepare customized daily lesson plans for each of our learners.

Our Philosophy

We provide a school ecosystem that anchors on principles that govern the children, our learning environment, our curriculum, and our teachers.

  • We at Growing Seeds Preschool believe that children are naturally curious and eager to gain knowledge of their surroundings. It is their nature to learn. We believe that it is through exploration, self-discovery and experience that children best understand, learn and grow.

  • Every child is different. Each one has different needs and learning styles. Our teachers at Growing Seeds Preschool understand this, and use diverse teaching methods to meet every child’s needs.

  • Every family, as every child, is unique, and that children are extensions of their families. They carry with them their family’s values and culture. We are able to understand children better when we learn and experience the uniqueness that each child brings to the class.

  • Every child should play and have fun. It is their work to play. Their experience in school must be of fun learning.

  • We believe that a safe environment is a prerequisite for learning. The classroom is a place where children and their families must feel secure and welcome. It is a place that respects and appreciates diversity and culture.

  • The classroom must encourage independence. The classroom fixtures, furniture, toys and supplies must be easily accessible for children. Rules are established in the classroom to ensure safety.

  • The classroom must be stimulating and fun. The classroom should have nooks for arts, music and enough space to run around in.

  • We believe that the curriculum taught to the children must be developmentally appropriate for their level.

  • All activities must be designed in such a way that every child’s growth touches on the cognitive, social, emotional and physical aspects.

  • We believe that the teacher is a facilitator of children’s learning. The teacher’s role is to scaffold the children to help them build their own knowledge.

  • It is the teacher’s responsibility to learn from the students. Learning about children’s abilities and interests helps our teachers tailor the curriculum to meet their needs and learning styles.

  • While it is the teacher’s responsibility to encourage initiative and curiosity for learning, it is also the teacher’s responsibility to establish a routine and provide consistent limits in the classroom to instill discipline.