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Welcome to Growing Seeds Preschool at the Lincoln Park/De Paul/Lakeview neighborhood, your full-day daycare and preschool that serves children between 2 and 5 years old.

At Growing Seeds, we provide a nurturing and creative environment carefully designed to encourage children to express themselves and to develop the small voice inside them that is just waiting to be heard! Children know it is A-OK to make mistakes, to fall and cry, and to try new things as they explore the world and how they relate to it through play-based activities, storytelling, music and art.

We complement your child’s natural curiosity with fun and stimulating activities that encourage discovery and independence, interaction and friendship, building a foundation for a lifelong love of learning at an early age.

We believe that the classroom serves a pivotal role in developing a child’s outlook to learning, but that this outlook is formed within a family’s distinct values and culture. We highly encourage parental and community involvement in your child’s learning. We reinforce this not only through feedback and communication with you, the parents, but also by sharing teaching tools for a more well-rounded and holistic experience of learning between the classroom and the home.

Our teachers are specially trained to facilitate our multi-disciplinary curriculum, that touches on cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth, that is developmentally appropriate for your child’s needs. It is our teachers’ responsibility to understand each child’s learning style and tailor daily lesson plans to meet their needs.